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KCR Comes Down On Land Acquisition

KCR Comes Down On Land Acquisition

At last, Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has come down from his rigid stand on payment of compensation to farmers who will be losing lands under the Mallanna Sagar project in Medak district.

Obviously succumbing to pressures from the Telangana Joint Action Committee and agitating farmers, KCR said the government compensate the land oustees in a manner that is agreeable to them. He held a review meeting on Mallanna Sagar Project and land issues here on Saturday.

KCR said that land acquisition under Mallanna Sagar Project can be done through two methods -- by invoking the Land Acquisition Act-2013 or through GO: 123.

"The State government is ready to compensate farmer in the way they want. Farmers can choose compensation as per either Land Acquisition Act- 2013 or GO: 123. Whatever method farmers want, the government will honor it. If some farmers want compensation under Land Acquisition Act-2013, the government will consider it. If some opt for GO. 123, we're ready to honor it also," he said.

The TRS government came under severe pressure as opposition parties which have extended support to the farmers.

Revenue experts opine that farmers will be at loss if they opt for Land Acquisition Act-2013. However, the government did not give any clarity on the land value based on which the compensation would be given under the Land Acquisition Act 2013.

Recently Harish Rao said the TRS government was ready to give house for house, school for school and temple for temple as desired by the people.

Land oustees will also get a share in the income generated through fish farming after the construction of Mallanna Sagar Project.



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