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Kathi Mahesh Now Proposes A New Formula

Kathi Mahesh Now Proposes A New Formula

Has critic-turned-Dalit activist Kathi Mahesh become completely pro-Pawan Kalyan?

Although he is not supporting Pawan Kalyan openly, the critic reportedly posted messages on social media in favour of Kapu politics.

He wants the Dalits to unite with Kapus to come to power.

A message that he posted on some FB wall is now being circulated on social media. According to the message, he is said to have come up with Mayawati kind of formula for Andhra politics.

In Uttar Pradesh, Mayawati, a renowned Dalit leader and former chief minister, made an alliance with Brahmins to come to power.

Kathi Mahesh wants Kapu leaders to take Dalits, minorities and Adivasis together to fight against the current Kamma and Reddy leadership to wrestle power in Andhra.

He seems to be encouraging the Kapus now. Pawan Kalyan belongs to the Kapu community.



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