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Kanna Upset With The Way Things Are

Kanna Upset With The Way Things Are

Kanna Laxmi Narayana is a bitter critic of Chandrababu Naidu. But, after bifurcation Kanna realised he could not continue in the Congress anymore and joined the BJP.

Because of his seniority, he expected some respectable position in the BJP but his attempts were thwarted by Venkayya Naidu who saw to it that his fellow community member K Haribabu was made the BJP State President.

Also, the public resentment against the BJP in Andhra Pradesh reached an all-time high with the TDP completely shifting the blame on to the BJP for the lack of assistance to Andhra Pradesh.

Kanna then took the decision to join the YSRCP.  Had that decision materialised, he would definitely be one of the top contenders for a Minister’s post should the YSRCP come to power.

Yet, at the last minute, he was made BJP State Chief. Kanna decided to stay put but it’s a decision that has made him extremely unhappy.

The saffron party has completely given up on Andhra Pradesh and there is little that Kanna can do to stem the rise of people’s anger.

Purandeswari, Kavuri Samba Siva Rao and Hari Babu being Kammas are loyal to Venkayya Naidu and are doing little by way of providing assistance to Kanna.

The BJP might come back to power at the Centre in 2019 but that does not necessarily mean an elevation to Kanna unless he can show at least a couple of MLA seats to the Party.

What can poor Kanna do in the circumstances?



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