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Just Tours Or Will He Do Some Work?

Just Tours Or Will He Do Some Work?

Nandamuri hero Balakrishna has been elected as the MLA of Hindupur quite some time back. Meanwhile, he became quite busy with shootings.

So, though he has been making whirlwind tours to his constituency and interacting with his party workers, he hasn’t done anything constructive till now for Hindupur.

Prior to elections, the people there hoped that Balakrishna would change the face of Hindupur and expected that he would take up various tasks.

But Balayya has been going to Hindupur as he would go to a film function and providing short-term entertainment to them. Naturally, this hasn’t gone too well with his constituency members.

Incidentally, Hindupur was also the constituency of late NTR. So, people were hoping that Balayya would take up various activities in memory of his late father.

Also, since TDP is the ruling party, people have high expectations from him. Though the people there are patiently waiting for him to get into action, it is said that they are slowly losing hope.

Many feel that if the situation continues like this, there are chances of people turning against him. So, it is time Balayya took their feelings into consideration and starts taking up developmental activities for his constituency.



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