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JC Makes Fun Of CM Ramesh Fasting!

JC Makes Fun Of CM Ramesh Fasting!

Maverick Telugu Desam Party MP J C Diwakar Reddy is known for making straightforward comments. He does not bother whether the comments are against his own party leaders or the opposition party leaders.

Many a time, his comments land not only him, but also the party in trouble.

On Friday, JC made similar comments against TDP Rajya Sabha member C M Ramesh, who has been undertaking indefinite fast demanding that the Centre grant steel plant for Kadapa.

Almost all the party MPs went to Kadapa to extend their solidarity with Ramesh. Everybody knows the so-called fast-unto-death was a farcical exercise, aimed at gaining political mileage for the party.

They know pretty well that the Centre will not announce Kadapa steel plant just because a TDP MP sits on a hunger strike. After all, they know, Ramesh is no Potti Sriramulu, to give up his life for the state.

Yet, no MP dared to question Ramesh’s fasting. But Diwakar Reddy, who was also present at the hunger strike camp, could not control his tongue. He said the Narendra Modi would not care for such gimmicks.

“You cannot get even Tukku (rust) industry, leave alone Ukku parishrama (steel plant) with this hunger strike, because Modi is a stubborn fellow. I cautioned TDP president N Chandrababu Naidu almost three years ago about the attitude of Modi,” he said.

His comments embarrassed every TDP leader at the venue, but nobody questioned him. However, minister Adinarayana Reddy shot back at JC. He said nobody should take JC’s comments seriously.

“It is not proper on the part of JC to talk like this. He should understand the pains of a person undertaking fast unto death. Already, the Modi government is taking revenge on us. At this stage, belittling our own efforts will cause immense harm to the party and the state,” he said.



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