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Jagan's Decision Results In Heroes' Pay Cuts?

Jagan's Decision Results In Heroes' Pay Cuts?

Many plans are written by the producers in Telugu Film Industry to convince YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in the matter of increasing the ticket prices. 

The final plan is to send only the exhibitors to him. This decision was made because, if the producers go and ask for the price hike, the Chief minister may ask the budgets of the film and the remuneration given to the heroes.

He may advise them to negotiate remunerations with the heroes and plan economically. 

If the heroes approach him and request, then he may suggest to them directly to reduce the remunerations in the interest of the common man's pocket. 

So, the producers decided to send only the exhibitors and explain how they have lost during the pandemic season and how the present ticket prices cannot suffice to run the theatre business. 

All these days, the exhibitors avoided to approach the Court because they know that they are running the single screens not upto the norms set by the government with respect to toilets, cleaning, facilities provided, parking area, safety norms, fire protocol etc.

If they approach the Court and get the stay order on the government's decision of ticket prices, then the government may go tough on them questioning the norms. 

Though the exhibitors have decided to ask for a 10% hike on the ticket prices, some producers in the TFI have trained them how to ask for the hike that will help the producers' fraternity. 

Now there is nobody to lobby on this subject on behalf of the film industry at YS Jagan Mohan reddy. He will not entertain anybody to mediate on this but deals all by himself.

We have to see where this ends.

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