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Jagan's complaint to PM: What's wrong?

Jagan's complaint to PM: What's wrong?

Telugu daily Andhra Jyothy's so-called sensational story on YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy's written complaint to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on harassment by Enforcement Directorate authorities in Hyderabad has not created any sensation as expected.

Many wondered as to what was so unusual in the complaint. Jagan has every right to bring to the notice of the Prime Minister that certain officials of the Enforcement Directorate were harassing him by serving notices on him and his companies at the behest of the Telugu Desam Party in the state.

The ED authorities, in collusion with the CBI, were subjecting him to mental harassment, he said and asked Modi’s intervention in this regard.

Nowhere in the letter did Jagan asked the Prime Minister to see that the cases against him were lifted.

On the other hand, he made it clear that he would face the cases legally, but only brought to the notice of Modi that the manner in which the ED authorities were crossing the limits and subjecting him to harassment in violation of rules.

“They are going against the law and acting beyond the powers vested with them. They are misusing power for the political gains of the ruling TDP. They have closed options of revenue flow and curtailed my means of livelihood,” he said.

What is wrong in Jagan’s complaint? Whom else should he approach to restrain the ED authorities, if not Prime Minister?

However, the only mistake Jagan had committed was to keep the complaint a secret before the media. Had he been transparent enough about his complaint, he would have been in a dominant position now, since he has not done any mistake.



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