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It's Their Secret Weapon Against TV9 And ABN

TRS has its ‘brahmastram’ to ensure that the carpet ban against TV9 and ABN becomes total. TRS can get the Assembly to pass a resolution saying that the Speaker has the discretion to take appropriate action against TV9 and ABN.

Despite both the channels, journalists and various media houses requesting the Centre and state governments to take necessary steps to remove the ban, no action has been taken in the matter.

Incidentally, barring TRS, all other parties are supporting TV9 and ABN Andhra Jyothi and they have been demanding that the temporary ban must be lifted immediately.

But KCR has been maintaining that he and his party has nothing to do with the issue as the final decision on the matter lies in the hands of the Speaker.

He washed his hands off the matter by saying the ban was imposed by MSOs and that the government had no role to play in the matter.

So, it is highly unlikely that the ban on both the channels will be lifted any time soon. If other political parties take to streets over the issue, then KCR and his ministers can simply brush aside the issue by saying that a resolution has been passed in the Assembly.



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