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It's Rajinikanth vs Ravi Prakash war on social media!

It's Rajinikanth vs Ravi Prakash war on social media!

These days, social media is witnessing an intense war of words and comments between the two groups supporting popular Telugu television figures—founder-CEO of TV9 V. Ravi Prakash and the current TV9 managing editor V. Rajinikanth.

Now that the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), led by N. Chandrababu Naidu, has come to power in Andhra Pradesh, this conflict has intensified, with rumors and gossip from both sides spreading quickly on social media platforms like WhatsApp and even on digital media.

TV9 and Rajinikanth had been supporting the YSR Congress Party. After the party lost power in Andhra Pradesh, Rajinikanth has become the target of attacks from pro-TDP groups on social media.

Recently, there was a large-scale campaign against Rajinikanth, alleging that he was involved in financial irregularities and had been subjected to income tax raids.

Rajinikanth had to deny these allegations and serve notices to those spreading such rumors on social media.

While it is unclear who is behind these rumors and gossip, they are believed to originate from Ravi Prakash’s group, as they seem clearly motivated and aimed at tarnishing Rajinikanth’s image.

Sources indicate that the differences between Ravi Prakash and Rajinikanth date back to Ravi Prakash’s removal from TV9 in 2019.

Considered a brand ambassador for the Kamma community and a mastermind of TDP strategies, Ravi Prakash gained both supporters and opponents after his exit from the channel.

Reports suggest that several TV9 employees celebrated Ravi Prakash’s exit, as they felt suffocated during his tenure and were not receiving their salaries on time.

However, his departure did not significantly affect the channel’s reputation, thanks to Rajinikanth.

After Ravi Prakash left TV9, Rajinikanth took over and maintained the channel’s reputation by conducting major debates with celebrities and politicians and organizing news programs, ensuring TV9 retained its No. 1 position.

“With his leadership abilities and journalistic skills, Rajinikanth ensured that TV9 did not feel the absence of Ravi Prakash. Apparently, this has not gone down well with Ravi Prakash, who has been struggling to return to the media spotlight,” sources said.

Ravi Prakash recently launched RTV, a digital channel, and is working hard to bring it to the top. To achieve this, he feels the need to undermine Rajinikanth. He is reportedly using his connections in the TDP to conduct a negative campaign against Rajinikanth.

At the same time, Rajinikanth is actively countering the campaign against him. He is working to expose Ravi Prakash in this war of words.

It will be interesting to see who will have the last laugh in this battle.


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