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Is Venkayya Naidu in TDP or BJP?

Is Venkayya Naidu in TDP or BJP?

When Congress following the decision to bifurcate the State announced that a 'special status' would be accorded to Andhra Pradesh in order to appease the people, Venkayya Naidu took credit for that decision.

He said that Congress would not have conceded a special status to AP but for his fight in the Rajya Sabha.

Now, after his Party’s mission of coming to power at the Center is accomplished, he is singing a different tune.

“We are talking to other States also and trying to come up with a special package for AP,” says Venkayya.

What a volte-face! Venkayya Naidu was instrumental in sealing the alliance between the BJP and TDP and what’s more, he is going to town eulogizing Chandrababu Naidu’s plans for the new capital and the loan waiver scheme.

Interestingly, a majority of the people of AP are vexed with Naidu’s attitude regarding these two controversial issues.

Even TDP biggies like Kodela Siva Prasada Rao and KE Krishnamurthy have expressed reservations over the way the government is handling the issues.

Against this backdrop, it is quite amusing to see Venkayya’s unconditional endorsement of Naidu making one wonder whether he is in the BJP or TDP.

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