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Is This Pawan Kalyan's Future Plan?

Is This Pawan Kalyan's Future Plan?

This is the hearsay about Pawan Kalyan that is making rounds in media and political circles.

A close source says that despite winning 21 out of 21 MLA seats in the state and 2 MP seats at the center, Pawan Kalyan did not secure a single cabinet berth for his party MPs. 

When inquired, it was said that Pawan Kalyan himself did not ask for any such importance for his two elected MPs as he has a plan which he wants to get for himself exclusively first.

As per the talk, it seems that Pawan would enter the Assembly and fulfill his dream of sitting in his MLA seat, then slowly become busy with his film shoots, though he will occasionally visit his constituency, similar to what Balakrishna did in the past.

Pawan Kalyan plans to wait until a vacancy arises in the Rajya Sabha, and with that, he will find a place for himself immediately and then request a ministry. In the process, he will resign from his MLA seat.

Pawan's sole aim is to work with Narendra Modi at the central level, being a minister in the central cabinet, similar to what his brother Chiranjeevi did after he merged the Praja Rajyam Party into Congress.

So, to get the credit of being the first Janasena minister at the central level, he did not prioritize his two elected MPs.

No one knows the veracity of this narrative, but this is what is being discussed as hearsay.


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