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Is This MP Not Happy In TDP?

Is This MP Not Happy In TDP?

In Congress Rayapati Sambasiva Rao was a free bird. He did and said whatever he wanted and had no one to question him.

All he had to do was to keep the High Command in good humour. But, things are not so easy in tightly-knit regional party like TDP. And Rayapati is not at ease in TDP.

On several occasions, Chandrababu Naidu gave Rayapati a dressing down for his free-wheeling ways.

Recently, he invited CPI national leadership, which was in Guntur for party's national executive meet, for dinner. This did not go down well with the TDP and they asked him why he had extended an invitation to the CPI.

Also, he can't raise tough questions to trouble the Centre. If he does, Chandrababu is always ready to give him a dressing down. 

So frustrated Rayapati recently vented his ire in a public meeting. He said the TDP leadership was very nosy and was asking explanations for everything under the sun.

Not just that, he asked former minister and senior TDP hand Makineni Pedarattaiah as to how he has managed to survive in the TDP for so long under such spooky leadership. 

Interestingly, he said all these things at a public meeting and then realised that he had spoken to much. He requested the media not to write what he said. But, if it gets such a juicy story as this, why will it not report?



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