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Is Radha Krishna's Wicket Down?

Is Radha Krishna's Wicket Down?

Has Andhra Jyothi MD Radha Krishna called it quits? Has he given up fighting KCR. For many, he was the last hope in the fight against KCR. But, now it appears, even he has compromised and entered into an 'understanding' with KCR.

For the last 10 days, the criticism of KCR in Radha Krishna's channel has been blunted. The opposition seems to be not as sharp. Viewers are noticing a marked difference in the tone and tenor of the channel and the paper.

But, why will not Radha Krishna compromise? After all, his 'boss' Chandrababu too has come to a tacit understanding with KCR. How can Radha Krishna keep fight and how long can he wage a battle?

His close associates and advisors, it seems, have advised him to sue for peace. Already there are reports that he has compromised and ensured that his cable broadcast rebigins in Telangana. 

What did he get in return? Highly placed sources say that he may have been benefited by getting a major share in a power project and some lands in his native Nizamabad. But, as of now everything is under the wraps. But, will Radha Krishna stay silent for long? That's anybody's guess. 

As of now, with all key leaders in the Congress and TDP falling in line, KCR has just one enemy to deal with. That is Revanth Reddy.



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