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Is Pawan Aware Of Budget Sessions?

Is Pawan Aware Of Budget Sessions?

Both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh governments have presented their budgets in their respective Assemblies and as is the norm various party leaders have been commenting about various issues. 

Usually, once the budget is presented, almost all parties big and small present their views, opinions and suggestions all over media. Even the common man on the street dissects the budget in detail irrespective of whether it is state or central budget.

So, it wouldn’t be wrong to expect Jana Sena founder Pawan Kalyan to comment and express his views about both the budgets. 

Surprisingly, Pawan has maintained silence and hasn’t spoken about it on any of the media channels. What is more surprising is the fact that he did not bother to make any analysis or comment even on his Twitter account.

The minimum he could have done was to at least say if he liked the budget and how certain measures would help the common man. But Pawan has been mysteriously silent. 

Now, one is left wondering if Pawan is aware of the fact that Telangana and Andhra Pradesh had presented their respective budgets. Wouldn’t it be best if he updated himself on current events since he had announced that he would formally contest any time soon?

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