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Intelligence Reports Worry Naidu!

Intelligence Reports Worry Naidu!

Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu is putting up a brave front over the party’s victory in the ensuing assembly elections in the state, but heart in hearts, he is said be in a panicky mood.

Reports from Amaravati indicate that intelligence survey reports indicated to the chief minister that all is not well with the party in several constituencies and unless corrective measures are taken at least now, it is difficult for the TDP to come back to power for the second term.

Even Naidu’s own survey reports are said to have given more or less similar indication.

Seeking to take corrective measures, Naidu has started holding one-on-one meetings with sitting MLAs of the party.

He is handing over the intelligence survey report and also his own survey report to each of the MLAs and telling him whether he would win or not. He is reportedly telling them about the people’s perception about the MLA.

“If the MLA has bleak chances of winning, Naidu is telling him or her straightly on the face that they won’t be given the party tickets. If there is a possibility of winning in case the MLA improves his performance, he prefers to continue the candidate,” a party source said.

So far, Naidu is learnt to have interacted with over 15 sitting MLAs on Wednesday, many of them are unlikely to get the party tickets this time.

“Naidu has all the inputs on the MLAs including their rapport with people and party workers, public opinion and strengths and weaknesses. Unlike in the past, Naidu is openly discussing the strengths and weaknesses of the MLAs,” the source said.

Naidu reportedly felt that though some of the MLAs were sincere and had been working hard, their lack of connect with the people had become a big drawback.

“Please rectify such mistakes. Otherwise, the party will be at big loss,” he said.



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