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'Intellectuals' Feeling Bored With Pawan?

'Intellectuals' Feeling Bored With Pawan?

The two-day meeting convened by power star and Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan as part of fact-finding mission on the financial assistance given by the Centre to Andhra Pradesh is learnt to have proved disappointing for those who attended it.

Former MP Vundavalli Arun Kumar and Lok Satta chief Dr Jayaprakash Narayan, who played a key role on the first day and evinced interested in working with Pawan Kalyan in the past, stayed away from the meeting on the second day, when the final agenda for the formation of a joint action committee was supposed to be formulated. Both of them are learnt to have cited personal reasons for their absence.

Even Andhra Intellectuals Forum convenor Chalasani Srinivas, who was present on the first day, quietly disappeared from the scene. Some other “intellectuals” also conveniently skipped the second day’s meeting.

It is leant these intellectuals were feeling bored with the attitude of Pawan Kalyan in taking the movement forwards.

“It was just an academic discussion and no concrete action plan was discussed at the meeting. There was no consensus among those who attended the meeting on many issues. It was not clear how Pawan wanted to take the movement forward,” a source close to one of the invitees said.

Apparently, they got the indications that Pawan is not interested in waging any major political battle either against the state or the Centre.

“What is the point in getting associated with a person who has no political ambition and plan of action?” asked the source.



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