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Ignore Surveys, Go By Your Strengths!

Ignore Surveys, Go By Your Strengths!

The latest survey purportedly done by VDP Associates must have been demoralising for YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy.

The survey showed that his would not come to power in the next elections as well, as the TDP+BJP combine would get 47 per cent of votes, compared to 40 per cent to be secured by the YSRC in Andhra Pradesh.

The survey also indicated that Jana Sena Party headed by power star Pawan Kalyan would get three per cent of the votes and the Congress party would get another three per cent.

However, there is nothing for Jaganmohan Reddy to get disturbed with the survey results.

First of all, one does not know how authentic these survey results are as it is not yet known who has commissioned this survey. Even if were to assume that there is some authenticity in the survey, it is only a wakeup call for Jagan.

The survey was done to find out the outcome if elections are held now. But, it is still more than 20 months to go for the polls and the anti-establishment wave might become stronger by then.

Secondly, the survey indicates the TDP can come back to power only if it allies with the BJP and the 47 per cent vote belongs to the TDP-BJP combine.

So, Jagan has to make every effort to create a rift between the TDP and the BJP, if not forge an alliance with the BJP.

Thirdly, if the BJP decides to continue alliance with the TDP, too, Jagan still has a chance to come to power.

He has to give up his ego and come down to form a grand alliance with like-minded parties and organisations including Jana Sena, the Congress party and even the Left parties.

So, it all depends on how mature Jagan behaves politically in the next two years.



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