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I-PAC team misleading Jagan with fake reports?

I-PAC team misleading Jagan with fake reports?

It appears the Indian Political Action Committee, promoted by Prashant Kishor, is completely hoodwinking the YSR Congress party government in Andhra Pradesh, led by chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy by submitting fake reports.

Jagan Mohan Reddy, who achieved tremendous success in the 2019 assembly elections by engaging the I-PAC for working out political strategies for the YSRC, has hired the team again to return to the power for a second successive term in 2024.

However, there is a difference between 2019 and 2024 assembly elections. First, the I-PAC was personally monitored by Prashant Kishor, who is an expert in political strategies. He had picked up a strong team of experts, analysts and field staff.

Prashant made a deep analysis of the political situation in Andhra Pradesh, studied the strengths and weaknesses of the then ruling Telugu Desam Party and personally worked out the manifesto and the welfare agenda of the YSRC, which was different from that of the TDP.

Secondly, Jagan was in the opposition and he had all the time to interact with the I-PAC team and Prashant regularly. The “padayatra” was completely designed and executed by the I-PAC team members in perfect coordination with the YSRC leadership.

This time, the situation is completely different. Jagan is ruling the state and he is completely engrossed in the administrative responsibilities. Though he is in regularly monitoring the party activities, he has to depend on his advisors and seniors to assess the party functioning at the grassroots level.

Secondly, since the YSRC is now the ruling party and Jagan is the chief minister, it is nothing but natural that there will some kind of anti-incumbency across the state. But the party leaders will not dare bring it to the notice of the chief minister and give him a picture that everything is alright with his government.

Though there are negative reports in the media about his government’s decisions or the resentment among the people about his party leaders’ performance, Jagan is not taking them seriously because he believes these reports are being churned out by the TDP and its friendly media.

The actual feedback he has to depend on is from the I-PAC team and the state intelligence. But the state intelligence, as everybody knows, does a shabby work and doesn’t like to submit a negative report.

Unfortunately, I-PAC team, is doing the same thing. The reason is that it is not being monitored by Prashant Kishor, who has left the job to his deputy Rishi Raj Singh and his team. Prashant is completely busy with his own political plans in Bihar and in his absence, the I-PAC team in AP is hardly doing any professional job.

Sources said the team members of I-PAC are depending on the feedback given by the media persons from various organisations, compiling these reports and packaging them in a format which the organisation has prepared for years. The same format is being presented before Jagan at the regular party meetings.

It is learnt during one such presentation recently, the YSRC leaders were surprised at the “facts” presented by I-PAC team, because they knew that they are far from true and the ground realities are completely different. But they could not utter a word, because Jagan strongly believes I-PAC.

“What I-PAC team is presenting before Jagan is completely misleading. But who will bell the cat? The seniors don’t bother about cross checking it nor is Jagan interested in doing it. We are worried what is going to happen in the next elections,” a party leader said.


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