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I Never Called PM Modi Gaadu, Says KCR!

I Never Called PM Modi Gaadu, Says KCR!

Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao is known for his pungent comments and rabble rousing speeches. But he is also known for turning a volte face and blatantly denying what he talks publicly despite having clear evidences.

The other day, the entire Telangana state had heard KCR calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi as “Modi gaadu” (a derogatory singular number word).

The video clip went viral across the country and the Bharatiya Janata Party leaders sent the same to Delhi along with his other comments against the NDA government.

Union defence minister Nirmala Sitaraman, who heard his comments as she knows Telugu very well, even lodged a protest with KCR’s son and IT minister K T Rama Rao. And KTR and his sister Kavitha described their father’s comments as slip of tongue.

But on Saturday, KCR blatantly denied of calling PM as Modi gaadu.

“I only said Modi garu. I asked for the video and clearly heard what I said in the public meeting. I did not say Modi gadu. How can I denigrate the prime minister? The BJP leaders are unnecessarily making it a big issue. If they still want to create a fuss, let them do so as they will be insulting their own leader,” he said.

On referring to the BJP and the Congress leaders as “vaadu” and “veedu,” the TRS chief defended the same and said it was the language used in Telangana.

“When we speak in public, we are bound to speak like that. That is the Telangana language,” he said.

He found fault with the BJP leaders for saying that he (KCR) would have to go to jail for his deeds.

“I have accounts for everything including the pen in my pocket. I am not corrupt like other leaders. They can’t touch me and if they do, they will turn into ashes,” he warned.



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