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How About Undoing Bifurcation, Vinod?

During the no-confidence motion, the nexus between the BJP and TRS came out in the open when TRS MPs abstained from voting.

At the same time, TRS MP Vinod made a strange demand during his speech. Apart from saying that Telangana would not support a single promise to be fulfilled to AP other than those mentioned in the AP Reorganisation Act, Vinod also said that the seven mandals of Polavaram in Telangana which were merged with Andhra Pradesh after bifurcation should be given back to Telangana.

“This is a grave injustice which the Prime Minister has done to Telangana and the people will not forget it,” said Vinod.

Has Telangana lost out in any way because of bifurcation? Despite getting Hyderabad which contributed more than 50% revenue of the State in United Andhra Pradesh, TRS is still complaining? In fact, the Telangana agitation was nothing but a fight for Hyderabad.

Bifurcation and the subsequent failed promises constitute an unforgivable injustice on the Andhras. So, I the mandals are to be given back, can we go back in time and undo the bifurcation as well? The mandal will not be given to Telangana.

But, the BJP by getting TRS to make such demands is making sure that AP will not be in a position to ask for anything. The BJP is simply firing at AP over Telangana’s shoulder.




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