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Hindupur TDP Revolts Against Balayya PA

Hindupur TDP Revolts Against Balayya PA

Hindupur assembly constituency in Anantapur district is considered to be the bastion of the Telugu Desam Party.

It was represented by party founder-president and late chief minister N T Rama Rao, followed by his elder son Nandamuri Harikrihshna in the past. Now, it is represented by his younger son and actor Nandamuri Balakrishna.

Such a high-profile constituency is now facing trouble with the party leaders and cadre going up in arms against Balakrishna’s personal secretary Sekhar Naidu, who has been ruling the roost in the constituency.

Since Balakrishna cannot come to Hindupur regularly due to his busy schedules, he has entrusted the responsibility of nurturing the constituency to Sekhar.

But that is causing trouble within the TDP and also Balakrishna personally. Sekhar Naidu’s dictatorial attitude and large scale corruption has caused disgruntlement in the party.

Several TDP leaders who questioned Sekhar’s attitude were suspended from the party. A few days back a section of the local party leaders and workers, including some MPTC and ZPTC members, held an in-camera meeting to discuss the increasing corrupt activities of Sekhar and his dictatorial functioning. They decided to take the issue to the party high command.

A public meeting is being planned by ex-MLA of Hindupuram C C Venkatramudu and Ambica Lakshminarayana, a local TDP leader at Chilamattur village on February 5 in Hindupuram constituency to exert pressure on Balakrishna and the high command to sack Sekhar and restore the party's image.

Already five MPTCS, four sarpanches and one ZPTC member resigned from the party protesting the attitude of Sekhar.

They said if Sekhar was not removed, the good name earned by Balakrishna would be eroded gradually. Apparently, Balakrishna assured to meet the aggrieved persons and, if removal of his personal assistant Sekhar is an issue, they should come up with concrete proof in support of their allegations.



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