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He Should Be The Last To Complain

He Should Be The Last To Complain

It has been a stormy year in office for Chandrababu Naidu with not a single decision of his finding favor with the people. And as far as the special status issue goes, understandably, the people as well as the media are thoroughly miffed with his efforts in this direction. 

Against this backdrop, Chandrababu expressed his annoyance at the media and said that they were becoming increasingly political (biased) in their reporting and editorials.

Coming from Chandrababu, this statement is indeed a bit strange. For, if there has been any Party that has benefitted from biased reporting or propaganda in their favor, it is the TDP.

In Andhra Pradesh, it was ‘Eenadu’ which started this gory trend of trumpeting the interests of one political party, the TDP in this case, solely along casteist lines.

Later, Andhra Jyothi, Studio N and other media avenues picked up the mantle forcing the Congress to eventually come up with ‘Sakshi’ which is now the chief custodian of YSRCP interests.

It is an open secret that the TDP and its founder NT Rama Rao would never have come to power without the backing of ‘Eenadu’. And it still remains the principal mouthpiece of the TDP.

Against this backdrop, one would have expected Chandrababu Naidu to be the last person to complain about the increasing political tilts of the media organizations.



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