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Has Old Age Caught Up With Naidu?

Has old age finally caught up with Chandrababu Naidu? Has our Honorable Chief Minister lost it completely? How else can one explain his recent comments which even mildly put, can only be termed bizarre?

First of all, he claims credit for being an inspiration to Satya Nadella, Microsoft head. He says that Satya Nadella’s father, an IAS officer worked under him when he was CM. Nowhere is there any record of this. So, were they family friends? Possibly!

That explains Satya Nadella being inspired by Naidu to come up in life but not the fact that his father worked for Naidu.

And recently, after having watched a Kabaddi match in Vizag, Naidu expressed his desire to host the Olympics in Amaravati. It is not wrong to dream or desire but at the same time, it is equally important to be firmly rooted to the ground. There’s a thin line between a vision and madness.

Senior Congress leader KVP Ramachandra Rao had commented some time back that he had credible information Naidu was suffering from Alzheimer's, which was in the early stages. He said TDP leader who were close to Naidu had informed him about Naidu’s symptoms. The disease causes loss of memory and senility. That would explain everything!



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