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Harish To Handle KCR's Constituency!

Harish To Handle KCR's Constituency!

When Telangana Rashtra Samithi president and caretaker chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao had a one-on-one meeting with his nephew and irrigation minister T Harish Rao at Telangana Bhavan on Sunday, it evoked a lot of curiosity among the media persons.

For, there had been a talk that KCR was sidelining Harish Rao in the party to promote his son K T Rama Rao.

Though KCR tried to project to the outside world that all is well within the family by arranging a common meeting of Harish and KTR, people familiar with the goings-on in the family say that Harish Rao has been sulking over the domination of KTR over the party affairs.

So, under these circumstances, KCR holding secret talks with Harish was definitely an interesting news for the media.

Inquiries revealed that KCR has asked Harish to take care of the responsibility of party campaigning in his constituency Gajwel, apart from Harish’s own constituency Siddipet.

Since KCR cannot campaign for himself in Gajwel, as he is the party boss and also because of his meetings across Telangana, the responsibility of ensuring the party chief’s victory in Gajwel has now been entrusted to Harish.

This is because Congress candidate from Gajwel Vanteru Pratap Reddy is also a tough candidate, who has the ability to give KCR a run for his money. So, KCR has roped in Harish Rao see that there is no fall in his majority.

This is yet another challenge for Harish. If under any circumstances there is any fall in KCR’s majority, it will give a chance to his family to target Harish and the latter would have to pay a heavy penalty.

That is why, Harish quickly jumped into action on Monday and started campaign for KCR by performing puja at Kota Maisamma temple in Gajwel.

He started meeting people and explaining the good work done by the KCR government, while attacking Pratap Reddy. Let us see how far Harish will succeed in his task.



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