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Growing anti-incumbency: KCR wants early polls?

If reports coming from the Telangana Rashtra Samithi are to be believed, party president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao might go in for early elections to the state assembly in second half of 2018 to consolidate his position.

According to sources, KCR has sensed that the anti-incumbency wave is gradually building up in the state and the opposition parties are gaining strength with every passing day.

A latest survey commissioned by him reportedly indicated to him that the TRS might not get more than 65 seats if elections are held now, though he is claiming in the open that the TRS would get not less than 100 seats out of 119 assembly seats.

If the anti-incumbency factor increases in the coming months, the TRS might not even get the absolute majority, the survey reports indicated.

So, KCR is planning to advance the assembly elections at least by six months or even a little more, so that the TRS might retain its power even with reduced majority.

If the elections are held as per the schedule, the TRS might even lose the elections. So, sooner the elections are held, the better for the TRS!



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