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Good News For Naidu!

Good News For Naidu!

The Supreme Court refused to entertain a petition that questioned the location of the new capital in and around Thulluru.

The petition filed by famous lawyer, Prashant Bhushan said that the new capital region was geologically unsafe and vast tracts of fertile lands were being acquired, lands which had given the area the tag of ‘Rice Bowl of India’.

Unimpressed, the bench said, “Wherever the capital city is built, there will be one problem or the other. Every land owner, businessman or industrialist would like the capital city coming close to their area of operation. How will the Supreme Court decide where the capital city should be located?”

Finding the court disinclined to entertain the PIL; Bhushan withdrew the petition and said he would move the National Green Tribunal. The judgment by the Supreme Court is really strange!

In an earlier case filed in the AP High Court, the Honorable Court was angry at the petitioner who questioned the need for loan waiver to farmers.

“Farmers are the life blood of the nation. If they prosper, we all prosper,” said the High Court.

When more than thirty thousand acres are about to be turned into concrete jungles, why is the Supreme Court not worried?

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