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Gaddar Really Wants To Lead Jana Sena?

Gaddar Really Wants To Lead Jana Sena?

Revolutionary singer Gaddar has finally declared that he is giving up Maoist ideology and joining the mainstream electoral politics.

At a public meeting a couple of days ago, he formally announced that he had no connections whatsoever with Maoist party.

“I have enrolled myself as a voter and will face the electoral battle," he said.

So far so good. At the same time, Gaddar surprised many saying he did not want float a political party on his own, but he would be like a thread in the garland of like-minded political parties. Thereby, he indicated that he would join another party and lead it from the front.

And when started singing the song: “Podaamuro.. what do you say, Podaamuro Jana Sena lo kalisi..,” people were confused.

It was actually an old song of Gaddar which he had sung while inspiring youth to join the people’s army (Jana Sena) of the Maoist party. But he chose to sing the same song now even after declaring that he had severed ties with the Maoist party.

So, was he referring to Jana Sena party floated by power star Pawan Kalyan? May be. In his private conversations with the media persons, Gaddar said he was in talks with Pawan Kalyan.

So, there is no wonder he joins hands with the power star to fight the next elections in 2019. Pawan is also looking for a mass leader in Telangana and Gaddar perfectly fits the bill.

But does it not prove counter-productive to Gaddar? Everybody knows Pawan Kalyan is dead against Telangana state formation and many times, he expressed his disgust at the bifurcation.

So, if Gaddar goes into the people under Jana Sena flag, people may not vote for him!



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