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First Learn How To Speak Telugu, Vani!

First Learn How To Speak Telugu, Vani!

There is a proverb in Telugu: “Anna Prashana Roje Avakaya Tindamanukunnattu..” (It is like trying to taste hot mango pickle on the first day of eating solid food).

This proverb aptly suits glamorous actress of 90’s Vani Vishwanath, who is all set to join the Telugu Desam Party very soon.

Though the exact date of her entry has not yet been confirmed, she has started giving interviews to the electronic media about her political arangetram.

But even before she formally joined the TDP, Vani started attacking YSR Congress party president Y S Jaganmohan Reddy.

Asked to comment about the padayatra of Jagan which commenced on Monday, Vani told a media channel: “Very good. Let him walk, it will get him good health, but not power. Even if he walks on his knees, he will not come to power. Nobody can challenge or defeat Chandrababu Naidu garu.”

On the possible contest against firebrand YSRC MLA and actor R K Roja from Nagari, Vani said: “forget Roja. I can handle 100 such Rojas in politics.”

Does it not show her over-confidence?

What is worse, Vani has not been able to speak proper Telugu while interacting with media. She is fumbling for words when the anchors posed questions.

Having seen her talk to the media, it is pretty evident that she is absolutely no match to Roja in articulation.

Being a Malayalee, Vani is speaking broken Telugu with Malayalam accent. If it a public meeting, Vani will definitely be at loss of words, leave alone competing with Roja in eloquence.

In fact, even the senior most politicians in the state are no match for Roja, who has strong language power and she chooses her words so effectively. And Vani will have to go a long way to even reach Roja, forget about defeating her.



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