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Film bigwigs take advantage of KTR's intimacy?

Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s son and IT minister K T Rama Rao is often considered in the political circles as de facto chief minister, as he takes care of most of the official meetings in the absence of his father and attends every review meeting.

The Telangana Rashtra Samithi rank and file consider him as the heir apparent of KCR.

Well, KTR himself does not behave like a de facto chief minister but tries to maintain good relations with all big people, whether they are from film industry, big business houses, sports or even the media.

He might not be accessible so easily to common people or media persons, but he is in regular touch with his friends in every sector on phone, WhatsApp, twitter and Facebook.

He has quite a few friends in Telugu film industry with whom KTR regularly speaks, attends their functions and participates in their celebrations.

This has given a sort of lenience to bigwigs in the film industry, who indulge in all sorts of activities and behave highhandedly with anybody who question them, obviously taking advantage of their intimacy with KTR.

It is learnt some top film personalities, who were found to have connections with drug peddlers, are learnt to have threaten the police officials with dire consequences if their names come out. They are learnt to have taken the name of KTR while threatening the cops.

It is better KTR wakes up before these big people in the Telugu film industry do not spoil his name and that of the Telangana state.



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