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Fibernet Contract Given To EVM Tampering Expert?

Fibernet Contract Given To EVM Tampering Expert?

The Cabinet sub-committee appointed by the Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy government on unearthing irregularities committed during the Telugu Desam Party regime has unearthed a big scam in AP Fibernet, the pet project of former chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu.

The Cabinet Sub-Committee which probed into the irregularities during the TDP term has submitted its Report which recommended for a CBI inquiry into the blatant irregularities in AP Fibernet (Optic Fibre Grid) project.

The sub-committee, in its primary investigation, found that a large number of irregularities, including nepotism, had taken place in the AP Fibernet Project.

The project was allotted to people who are not qualified for carrying out the project and corruption to the extent of nearly Rs 700 crore had taken place in the project. 

The contract for AP Fibernet was allotted to Terra Software, a company owned by Vemuri Harikrishna Prasad, who is very close to the TDP leadership and was accused in EVM tampering case.

Misappropriation added to corruption and nepotism took place right from acquiring set top boxes to appointment of officials and showing favoritism while implementing contract.

The contract was given to Terra Software setting aside the bid of a Central Government institution, though it was the lowest bidder.

Even during the distribution of set top boxes, four companies were called and the government agreed to share the contract, but in reality, only the Terra Sofware was given the entire distribution of work, the sub-committee reported.

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