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Fact Sheet: The Perfect Covert

When Errabelli Dayakar Rao was continuing in the TDP as its legislature party leader, many people in the TDP were wary of him. Especially, after the media revealed his midnight rendezvous with KCR.

The primary reason for the distrust though was that he belonged to the same caste as KCR and TDP cadre looked upon Errabelli’s integrity to the TDP, with suspicion.

But Naidu did not want to sideline Errabelli citing caste as the reason as this would send out a wrong signal. But this has precisely proved to be a blunder on Naidu’s part.

It is alleged that Errabelli leaked news of Revanth Reddy’s meeting with Stephenson, to KCR. Revanth Reddy was arrested at Stephenson’s residence and this one incident would prove to be highly significant in doing untold damage to the TDP in Telangana.

TDP source say that Errabelli waited until the successful culmination of the GHMC polls before deciding to call it quits with the TDP, as his job as covert was finally over.

And now, hardly two days since joining the TRS, he is calling for the TDP to be merged in the TRS in the Assembly. You got to admire the man for his cold-bloodedness.



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