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Fact Sheet: The 'Drama Family'

Fact Sheet: The 'Drama Family'

Sonia and Rahul Gandhi apart from stalling Parliament proceedings over the ‘National Herald’ case are now trying to use the case to project themselves as victims of political vendetta.

After appearing in Court, they got bail within five minutes after which they came out and lashed out in their customary style at Narendra Modi.

Their anger is understandable because not only did Narendra Modi put an end to the dynastic rule of the Gandhis, they actually had to appear in court for the first time in their lives.

If nothing else, then this can easily be termed as the crowning glory of the BJP rule and the Party needs to thank Subramaniam Swamy for that.

As for Sonia and Rahul, they are trying to gain public sympathy by stalling parliament proceedings and acting as victims.

What they don’t understand that the public is getting more infuriated with their tactics and are actually delighted to see them in trouble.

Sonia and Rahul Gandhi should be honored by the ‘National School of Drama’ in an apt manner.