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Fact Sheet: Run Ravi Run!

Fact Sheet: Run Ravi Run!

V Ravi Prakash, former CEO of TV9, is left with no exit door to escape. He has to surrender before the Cyberabad police. He has limited options now.

Soon after the early trends of Andhra Pradesh elections results had trickled in, Ravi Prakash  vacated his hiding place fearing police would grab him.

Reliable sources have informed us he was hiding in a secured place in AP.

As YS Jagan’s party had emphatically won both assembly and Lok Sabha elections, he understood that AP police would come after him. So, he went away from there and is now on the run. But where will he go? 

He cannot move out of the country as his passport was seized and look-out notices were issued at all airports. He has only two options: 1) Run Run Run 2) Surrender.

Ravi Prakash cannot run for long. That he knows for sure! With Y S Jagan coming into power in AP, PM Modi is back with a bang and KCR ruling in Telangana, he is now in trapped in padmavyuham.

On Wednesday, Telangana High Court also dismissed his anticipatory bail petition.

He lost moral ground. Moreover, TV9, the news channel is running smoothly in his absence as management took care of everything.

With Chandrababu Naidu not in power, he has no one to save him. Run Ravi Run!



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