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Fact Sheet: Nauseating To Say The Least

Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu had no problems with the Union budget and expressed the hope that the Centre would increase the financial outlay to Polavaram project. This is really difficult to understand by the Chief Minister.

Polavaram has been declared a national project which means the responsibility for funding and executing the project completely rests on the Centre. But Naidu raised a lot of hue and cry and took over the execution of the project. This means that he would merely send the bills for Polavaram to the Centre and they would be expected to pay the contractors.

Naturally, the Centre will not just clear the bills sent by Naidu. It will do its own due diligence and on occasions might question any aspects or irregularities. All this will result in a lot of delay.

So, why did Naidu insist on control over execution? So that he can give the works to people of his choice. Instead of leaving the entire burden for Polavaram to the Centre, Naidu by his selfishness will be responsible for delaying the project even further. And then he hopes that the Centre will increase funding to the project.

Nauseating behaviour, to say the least. 



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