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Fact Sheet: KCR Has His Revenge On OU

Fact Sheet: KCR Has His Revenge On OU

Telangana CM KCR is not on the best of terms with the Osmania University students is a well -known fact.

It is in public domain that he undertook a fast unto death for Telangana when Rosayya was the Chief Minister.

After arriving at a deal with Rosayya, KCR had called off his fast but students of Osmania University who came to know about this rushed to Nizam Hospital and made KCR forcibly continue with his fast which resulted in the December 9 declaration. Since then, KCR is angry with the students for making him do something against his will.

Also, Kodandaram became a potent force mainly on the strength of the students. In other words, Kodandaram, a bitter critic of KCR derives his strength from the students.

Cutting to the present, Osmania University was supposed to host the prestigious 105th edition of the Indian Science Congress.

But the venue has been shifted to Manipal University as Osmania University Vice-Chancellor said that they were not sure about a smooth conduct of the event as there could be a law and order problem on campus.

Losing out on such a prestigious event or such a kind of reason can prove disastrous for the university and its reputation.

Besides, if the University really decided to go ahead with the event anyhow, then the government could have easily provided adequate security for a smooth conduct of the event.

Can the TRS government take care of Ivanka’s security and not that of the Indian Science Congress?

But the inside talk on campus is that KCR did not want the University to get a good name owing to his rift with the students or he did not want to take a chance with any students shouting anti-government slogans during the event.

The losers eventually are the students, the university and its reputation.



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