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Fact Sheet: Eenadu, Amaravati and TDP

Fact Sheet: Eenadu, Amaravati and TDP

Last week, Eenadu carried an article on Amaravati with the headline: ‘Angulam Kadilithe Ottu’ (Not an inch of works have progressed).

The article mentioned how there was absolutely no progress in the Amaravati project since inception.

This week however, the newspaper changed its tune and carried another article with the headlines: 3 ellalo Amaravati milurayalu ivi (Milestones of Amaravati in the last three years) and went on to describe how Amaravati was the dream capital of the Andhras and how despite the absolute lack of assistance from the Centre, the State government was braving every hurdle to realise this dream project.

How can there be milestones for a project that the previous week showed absolutely no progress since inception?

What could have transpired in the gap between the first and second articles for Ramoji Rao to have changed his stance?

The answer is best left to the reader’s imagination.



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