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Fact Sheet: BJP Ok, Not Modi?

A plot seems to be underway to plant seeds of dissension in the BJP ahead of the 2019 polls by both NDA partners and opposition parties alike.

Recently, Shiva Sena came out with a statement in its mouthpiece Saamna in which the party said that the RSS was considering Pranab Mukherjee as an alternative to Narendra Modi in case the situation warrants it.

Earlier also, there were reports planted in the media that Nitin Gadkari could replace Narendra Modi at the helm in 2019. Both the reports are equally nonsensical.

Narendra Modi is a household name across India unlike Pranab Mukherjee and Nitin Gadkari. He was one of the chief reasons for the BJP getting such a thumping majority in 2014.

Therefore, any plans to replace him with either Pranab Mukherjee or Gadkari might appease the allies but it will have a huge negative impact on the overall vote bank of the Party.

Even without the support of the allies, BJP can easily emerge as the single largest party in the nation, but then, forming the government is a different game altogether.



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