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Everything Is Temporary In Amaravati!

Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu appears to have realised that he cannot take up construction of official buildings on a permanent basis in Amaravati for obvious reasons.

The designs are still in the finalisation stages and moreover, there is no money.

So, he has decided to remain content with temporary constructions. The present interim secretariat complex and the state legislature at Velagapudi, constructed at a huge cost, are all temporary and many of the buildings have already started leaking during heavy rains.

The entire complex turns into a cess pool when there is a heavy rain.

Naidu shows he cannot take up construction of permanent structures in his current regime before next elections. But he is facing severe space crunch for the officials, especially those of the assembly.

So, the government is now planning to construct yet another temporary building adjacent to the assembly building for the assembly staff and also for the offices of the ruling TDP and the opposition parties.

Secondly, the government is also proposing to construct buildings for Andhra Pradesh High Court as well on temporary basis. Since the proposal to have a separate high court for AP is on cards, the government has to show some accommodation for the same.

Since it will take a long time to construct a permanent high court as per the new design, it wants to construct a temporary high court building, which is expected to be ready by October.



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