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Every Monday Is Polavaram!

Every Monday Is Polavaram!

Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu seems to be a man in hurry by completing the Polavaram project before the 2018 deadline. Or at least, he wants to project to the people that he is seriously after it.

On Thursday, Naidu declared that he would review the progress of Polavaram project every Monday and see that the project is completed as per the target.

“I want to make every Somavaaram (Monday) as Polavaram, since the whole day, I will be after the contractors to complete the works as per the schedule,” the chief minister said.

Well, such an initiative from the chief minister is very much welcome. But that should not result in sub-standard works.

There are reports that in a bid to claim credit for the construction of Polavaram project, Naidu wants to project the coffer dam (aimed at diverting the flood flow to enable construction of main head works) as stage-I of the main dam.

It was evident from the way he ordered construction of spillway and erection of gates for the coffer dam itself, so as it show it as the actual Polavaram project. If that is what he wants to show, then the entire exercise is a farce and the state would have to pay a heavy penalty for the same.



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