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Don't Just Leave Them Like That!

Two things consistently making the headlines these days are the growing number of Swine flu victims and the other is the increasing number of Muslims coming back or being apprehended for trying to join the ISIS.

As far as swine flu goes, the Telangana government has proved its absolute incompetence in dealing with the virus and people are better off praying to the gods instead of relying on the administration for escaping the danger.

But the ISIS issue is equally if not more important for it has dangerous implications for the future of the nation itself. In the latest incident, Turkey has deported nine Indians, including a 24 year old youth, Javeed Baba, from Khammam district of Telangana, after they were allegedly caught trying to crossover to Syria to join terror outfit ISIS.

Bengaluru city police and central agencies were questioning the group after they arrived at the Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) on Saturday.

Police said they went to Istanbul from Bengaluru on tourist visas on Dec 24, 2014, and were sent back on January 30. In most instances, the city police after counseling these people have allowed them to go back to their families.

As an Indian, I just cannot feel comfortable with these kinds of people roaming freely on the roads. I don’t think the counseling of the police is a match to the ‘propaganda of hatred’ of the ISIS. This is not the time either for the government to indulge in vote bank politics and release them with a warning in the hope of winning the goodwill of their community.

People who have been apprehended on the eve of joining the ISIS should be dealt with very severely indeed.

Have we learnt nothing from the innumerable bomb blasts and terror attacks across the country? How many more innocent lives need to be lost at the hands of these fundamentalists? A Muslim can find shelter anywhere across the globe. But Hindus have only India and they ought to protect themselves at any cost.

Leave alone the patriotic and law abiding Muslims! But those wanting to join the ISIS and other such terrorist outfits need not be given a second chance for what is at stake here is the safety of the citizens of India and the safety of the nation itself. The situation is absolutely precarious to be indulging in pseudo-secularism now.

Written By Sharma

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the article are the author's and not of greatandhra.com.



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