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Did KCR mislead assembly on Muslim quota?

Did KCR mislead assembly on Muslim quota?

Telangana Rashtra Samithi president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has the habit of making statements so boldly and confidently that nobody would be able to question him. More often than not, his announcements would not get implemented.

Take the case of his recent statement in the assembly on Muslim reservations.

KCR openly went on record in the assembly that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was also interested in giving 12 per cent reservations to Muslims.

“He told me personally that the Centre will positively consider the demand for providing reservations to Muslims,” KCR told the assembly.

Obviously, everybody would take the chief minister’s statement on its face value, because he made it on the floor of the assembly.

Apparently, KCR knows nobody would deny it as nobody knows what transpired between him and the Prime Minister and that Modi will be too busy to deny his claim because of political needs.

But BJP state unit president K Laxman called KCR’s statement bluff.

“This is simply misleading. The Prime Minister is dead against providing reservations on the basis of religions. He made it clear several times. So, there is no question of Modi giving a positive response to KCR’s appeal,” Laxman said.

Coming down heavily on KCR for making contradictory statements that the government would raise the issue in the ensuing Winter Session of the Parliament and also would keep its options open to go to Supreme Court in case, the Center denies, he added.



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