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Devansh Not Recognising Grandpa Naidu?

Devansh Not Recognising Grandpa Naidu?

Believe it or not, Devansh Naidu, son of Telugu Desam Party national general secretary Nara Lokesh Naidu, is not able to recognise his own grandfather – Andhra Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu.

This was revealed by none other than Lokesh, while speaking to the party workers at his village Naravaripalle in Chittoor district. He said when his father Naidu came to his house the other day, Devansh could not identify him.

“He was looking at daddy as if he was seeing some strange person. It is unfortunate that my father had no time even to spend a few minutes with Devansh so much that my son could not even recognise him,” Lokesh lamented.

He said Naidu was dedicating most of his time to the development of Andhra Pradesh and the new capital Amaravati.

“He gets us early in the morning and by the time he goes to bed, it will be past midnight. He is putting up with so much difficulties. He had no chair even to sit after the construction of new capital,” Lokesh said.

By the way, is Lokesh finding flowers in our ears?



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