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Cops seize Rs 7.51 cr: Whose money was that?

Cops seize Rs 7.51 cr: Whose money was that?

The seizure of Rs 7.51 crore by the Hyderabad police from hawala operators in three different locations in the city on Wednesday created a sensation.

During the preliminary inquiries, it was revealed that the money was meant for distribution among voters or illegal spending in the assembly elections in Telangana scheduled be held on December 7.

The police arrested four persons Bahbut Singh Raj Purohit, Sunil Kumar Ahuja, Ashish Kumar Ahuja and Mohammad Azam, who had been bringing money into the city through hawala methods for quite some time.

Apart from cash, the police also recovered a revolver, a Volvo car, mobile phones, an iPad, a money counting machine and 30 cheque books from the arrested.

According to Hyderabad police commissioner Anjani Kumar, the accused had brought the money other states and also other countries through hawala methods, at the behest of some political parties.

“The money was obviously meant for distribution in the elections and these operators would get some commission. They also get the money transferred into the accounts of their shell companies through online transactions, for which they produce fake documents for opening bank accounts,” Anjani Kumar said.

This is the largest seizure of cash on a single day so far before the elections. Now, the question is which political party was using these operators to bring money into Hyderabad for illegal distribution and from which state. The investigations would throw some light on the same.

So far, a total of Rs 56.48 crore had been seized in Telangana since the enforcement of model code of conduct. This included Rs 38.71 crore by the police and Rs 17.77 crore by the Income Tax Department.



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