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Cong on verge of extinction in AP politics!

The Congress party has paid heavy penalty in the 2014 elections in Andhra Pradesh for taking up bifurcation of combined state to carve out Telangana.

It could not win even a single assembly seat and in majority of the constituencies, the Congress candidates have lost their deposits. The party has vanished at least in AP once and for all.

However, there was still some life left in the Congress party in the state, as it had a few MLCs in the legislative council.

Immediately after bifurcation, it had 21 MLCs in the council, but majority of them had shifted their loyalties to the Telugu Desam Party and some to the YSR Congress party.

As a result, hardly anybody were left in the Congress even in the legislative council, including chairman A Chakrapani, C Ramachandraiah, Md Jani, P Chengal Rayudu and T Ratna Bai.

Of them, three MLCs, barring Ratna Bai, would be completing their term in a couple of months and they have little chances of winning their seats again.

While Mohammad Jani is all set to join the TDP, Chengal Rayudu, too, is in negotiations with the TDP leadership to get the renomination to the council. Chakrapani will be retiring from politics and only Ratna Bai is left and nobody knows what her plans are.

As a result, the Congress will almost lose its existence in the state with no representation in any house. Only the party remains with a few leaders like N Raghuveera Reddy, but they are unlikely to have any political future, unless they join some other party in the coming days.



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