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Chowdary's Dinner Politics In Delhi!

Chowdary's Dinner Politics In Delhi!

Union Minister of State for Science and Technology Y V S Chowdary aka Sujana Chowdary is making use of every opportunity to save his seat and wriggle out of the financial mess he has been facing for the last few weeks.

Recently, he performed the marriage of his son Karthik in the most pompous manner in Hyderabad. The next day, he hosted a sumptuous reception at N-Convention Centre. Both the events were attended by who’s who of the city and the state, including officials, politicians and industrialists.

As if it was not enough, Sujana hosted another big bash in New Delhi a couple of days ago. Since he is a Union minister, the party was attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, his Cabinet colleagues and a large number of industrialists, officials and VIPs in Delhi.

It was surprising as to why Sujana hosted three parties for his son’s wedding. Well, that is politics. He knows that he is in neck deep trouble with the default of loan taken from a Mauritius bank. So, he has to appease the bank authorities by hosting the party where the Prime Minister himself was present.

Secondly, his Rajya Sabha term is coming to an end and he has to establish that he is closer to Modi and hence, needs re-nomination.

And thirdly, in case he has to get out of the Telugu Desam Party, he has to be ready to join the BJP and hence, he invited top BJP leaders to the party.

It remains to be seen whether his strategies would help him retain hold in Delhi.



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