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Chicago impact: US rejects 600 visas for Telugus!

Chicago impact: US rejects 600 visas for Telugus!

The sex racket busted by the Chicago federal police recently, allegedly involving several Tollywood actresses, appears to have had a serious impact on the Telugus aspiring to go to the United States.

According to reliable sources, the US authorities have rejected as many as 600 visas to the Telugus who applied for the same for various reasons in the last one month.

Though the US consulate authorities are not citing any reasons for rejection of the visas, they reportedly grilled the applicants on the purpose of their visits to the US and the agencies which had sent them invites.

“They granted visas only after they are thoroughly satisfied with the credentials of the applicants,” one of the visa applicants said.

Though rejection of visas by the US consulate authorities is not uncommon, the number of rejected visas is considerably very high, lending credence to the suspicions that they have taken serious view of the Chicago sex racket case and visa fraud committed by the Modugumudi couple.

Meanwhile, the investigating authorities in the US are learnt to have found an abnormal inflow of money into the account of Modugumudi Kishan and his wife Chandrakala, both accused in the sex racket.

Though the amounts were small, there was a large number of transactions of money into his account from various sources. Similarly, the authorities also found transfer of money from the couple’s accounts into various actresses.

The authorities are now investigating as to how Kishan and Chandra were getting money and from whom and who were the people who received money from the couple.

They would also look into whether the couple had paid due tax on the income coming into their accounts.


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