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'Chapati Roller' Smashed TRS Car In Dubbaka

'Chapati Roller' Smashed TRS Car In Dubbaka

When the defeat is written on the face of something, it is hard to avoid it. The accident may happen from any corner. 

The recent Dubbaka bypoll unleashes one interesting thing. The ballot paper shows an independent candidate Bandaru Nagaraju whose election symbol is 'chapati roller'. Surprisingly it resembles the Car symbol of TRS candidate. 

The shocking factor is that the independent candidate has garnered a whopping 3489 votes. The other independants ended up with a few hundreds of votes only. This is clearly evident that some uneducated voters must have assumed chapati roller as the car. 

This is not something to laugh at, but to question ourselves and our leaders. We are still in the worst position to see the illiterate voters who are unable to read and differentiate what is what. Which government can bring the change?

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