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Channel Cashes In On Song Of Kammas!

Channel Cashes In On Song Of Kammas!

Popular television channel TV9 always looks for controversial topics and conducts debates on it to get its TRP ratings shoot up ahead of others.

Every day, the channel picks up interesting issues – whether it is controversy over lunar eclipse, astrology vs astronomy and forthcoming porn film of Ram Gopal Varma or Kathi Mahesh vs Pawan Kalyan etc.

The anchor calls controversial people to debates, pitches them against one another and watches tamasha.

On Friday night, the channel picked an interesting topic from nowhere and conducted a debate on it.

The topic was: the latest music album produced by an enthusiastic music director Sandeep Kurapati from USA on the greatness of Kamma community.

The song was titled “The Chowdary Anthem” and the lyrics were written by Raghukul Tilak. Needless to say, all those associated with the album, including singers, producers and creative directors were all Kammas.

It was a private album highlighting the virtues of Kammas and how various top personalities right from N T Rama Rao, Mullapudi Harishchandra Prasad, Dr Nayudamma, Tripuraneni Ramaswamy Chowdary, N Chandrababu Naidu, D Rama Naidu, Akkineni Nageshwara Rao, Nagarjuna, Junior NTR, Balakrishna and other national and international people of the community brought laurels to the country.

Though it did not make comments against the other castes, it says one should be proud to be born in Kamma community.

The participants in the debate – social activist Devi and rationalist Babu Gogineni – took the album maker Sandeep to task for glorifying Kamma community and wondered whether such albums made on castes would not split the society on caste lines.

Sandeep desperately tried to defend himself saying the album was purely a private one meant for Chowdary community meetings, but the anchor and participants virtually pounced on him.

The debate went on for an hour and even those who were not aware that there is one such album came to know about it.

For the channel, it increased the TRP ratings and for the community, it was a big publicity!

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