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Change Of Roles: KCR and Revanth

Change Of Roles: KCR and Revanth

Politics is a really amusing and intriguing field. Nothing is predictable here.

Look at KCR who rose to power solely on the strength of hatred against the Andhras. Not a single day went by in which he did not criticize the Andhras until he became the CM.

Even today, he resorts to criticism of the Andhras whenever the need arises for him to consolidate his position but it is very less frequent.

On the other hand, Revanth Reddy was a staunch loyalist of the TDP who spoke out in support of the Andhras and rubbished claims of TDP being an Andhra party.

But after the elections, the scene has changed.

KCR who said Ramoji Rao, Nagarjuna etc were the biggest land grabbers in Telangana suddenly became their best friend after coming to power.

Meanwhile, Revanth Reddy after being caught red-handed in the cash-for-vote case has been forced to quit the TDP and join the Congress.

Now, he is accusing KCR of hobnobbing with the Andhras and speaking out completely in favour of the Telangana people.

Referring to the Tollywood people praising KCR to the skies during the World Telugu Conference recently, Revanth Reddy said, “These Krishna Nagar people praise whoever pays them. Tomorrow, if I pay them or they have some work with me, they will call me another Krishnadeva Raya. There is no need to take them seriously.”

Indeed, within a span of a few years, so much has changed in terms of perception of Revanth and KCR.

That’s why, both of them are able to stay afloat in politics.



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