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Chandrababu's Merciless Backstab To Pawan?

Chandrababu's Merciless Backstab To Pawan?

Chandrababu Naidu also seems to become instrumental in ensuring that Pawan Kalyan does not enter the Legislative Assembly.

It is obviously clear that YCP is actively working to challenge Pawan's potential victory.

Having defeated Pawan Kalyan in two constituencies during the last elections, the YCP seeks to deliver another blow by defeating him in Pithapuram this time. 

Despite Pawan's previous claims that he would work towards Jagan not becoming the CM at all costs, he contested in two places in the last election and lost both.

Now, Pawan faces even greater political peril by limiting his contest to just one constituency.

Pawan Kalyan's political strategy has been heavily reliant on Kapu votes. Despite professing that he is against to casteism, Pawan's fate in politics appears intricately tied to the Kapu community.

Pawan's candidature in a constituency like Pithapuram with a significant Kapu population beyond Gajuwaka and Bhimavaram underscores his dependence on caste politics, contrary to his claims of abstaining from it.

Amidst speculations, the TDP seems resolute in its efforts to thwart Pawan's ambitions, particularly since Pithapuram's choice has stirred tensions within the party.

The anger towards Pawan Kalyan is palpable as evidenced by former MLA Varma's public outcry.

Despite Chandrababu's promise of an MLC seat contingent on the coalition's victory such assurances may not sway 'independent' minded individuals like Varma.

What fate awaits Varma if Pawan emerges victorious? If Pawan wins this seat, Pawan's dominance in Pithapuram could spell doom for Varma's political career.

Pawan once wins, his potential stronghold in the Kapu-populated area might eclipse Varma's influence permanently. Furthermore, Chandrababu's promised MLC seat may face obstacles from Pawan. 

Apart from that if Pawan indeed secures victory it could be a setback for the TDP, overshadowing Lokesh in the Assembly. In such a scenario, Chandrababu might find it challenging to contain Pawan's rising influence.

The TDP's stance on Pawan is only to use him for their own benefit. That is possible as long as Pawan doesn't enter the Assembly.

Should Pawan fail to secure an MLA seat, Chandrababu may seize the opportunity to undermine Jagan's influence on it, possibly adding fuel to Pawan's anger on Jagan.

Thus, it's evident that the Telugu Desam Party will deploy all means necessary to thwart Pawan's political ambitions.

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